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Track your Counter Strike: Global Offensive stats, see your progress and compare.

If it is your first time here to begin tracking your stats simply login to steam or enter your SteamID64 below, your SteamID64 is 17 digits an example is: 76561197960265730

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Average CSGO stats to this date

Accounts AVG Accuracy AVG K/D AVG Kill Amount AVG Deaths Amount AVG Wins amount AVG Matches played AVG Headshot % AVG Match Win % AVG Time played AVG Bombs defused AVG Bombs planted Account has VAC %
106,889 28.60 145.44 3,181,133 2,053,173 1,989,433 3,107,423 302.74 424.42 31239733 2021776 1991615 0.01

AVG AWP Accuracy AVG AK47 Accuracy AVG Deagle Accuracy AVG M4a1 Accuracy AVG Ssg08 Accuracy AVG UMP Accuracy AVG Glock Accuracy AVG AUG Accuracy
7.81 19.92 6.62 12.76 10.16 10.02 6.70 10.07

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Get your stats here! Get your stats here! Get your stats here!